RTM Promotion, which was formally known as Luv Lords Promotion, was founded in 1996. Original members included Shine, Juicy, Leon and Little J.

They began promoting local events which was very successful in bringing out young people wanting to have a good time. Some of these events included Bling Bling and Ice part 1 and 2, Champagne Fiesta, Zoom Zoom Cut Inna 2, More Luv More Fire part 1 and 2 and X Inna Lex . These events made Luv Lords Promotion the most talked about and well known promotional team in London.

Following this, they really established themselves on a large scale when they sent for Alaska Sound from Jamaica, which was a big successful event in London 2000.

After taking a break from promoting, the new Luv Lords team decided to change the name to RTM Promotion, where they would continue to promote all over London.

They had successful party events such as VIP Treatment part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Ramping Shop, Myspace Facebook Link Up, Bokkle Pon Bokkle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, Wet Up and Carnival Party. These parties were so popular and were such big hits that it encouraged RTM Promotion to be great innovators by creating new things for the urban ravers to enjoy.

They gained great praise and gratitude from the community of ravers for their consideration for pricing, security of the ravers and the top class music policy.

RTM Promotion are currently live streaming on Rufftouchmovement.com. so that not only the outdoor ravers can enjoy and have a great time, but the arm chair ravers can also enjoy the good vibes that RTM Promotion invigorates.